RAH Competition

Custom figure suit


Custom figure suit non refundable 

Fabric The inside side of the twinkle orange 

connectors- slanted top, diamond middle 

rhinestones- ab,citrine ab, hyacinth ab, red

cut/style- large curvy top, medium height micro cut 

Check in July 25

show Aug. 30

Custom and made based off clients measurements 

Height: 5’4”
Weight right now:138
Expected weight: 122 or close to it
Bra size is a B (natural)

Across bust: 34”
Under bust: 31”
Waist: 27”
High hip: 28.5”
Hip: 30”

The Perfect Competition bikini to match your Physique.

Top quality rhinestones, connectors & fabric! Only the Best!!

Recommend- Gentle hand wash with mild detergent & hang dry.

Keep bikini safe in a bikini case!

Do not Machine wash or dry clean! This will damage the bikini!

Would you like to create your own competition bikini? Check out Pro Bikini Designer page.

ALL Bikini's are Made to Order- NO Refunds, Returns or Exchange

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