RAH Competition

Navy blue figure medium scatter


Figure suit with connectors. 

Triangle top, Figure bottom with connectors, pro-cut back. top strap connects to bottom v back.

1 row 29ss top and btm connectors square middle

fabric navy mystique, design: Medium Scatter, Stones will have a little bit more space between.

rhinestones: jet, jet ab, Montana, cobalt

Top Quality Competition Bikini. Handmade in USA

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The Perfect Competition bikini to match your Physique.

Top quality rhinestones, connectors & fabric! Only the Best!!

Under bust strap is adjustable so you can gather top or not.

Top is lined and has cup holes for inserts. Bottom front has lining and the back is single layer

Bottom bikini hip will be sewn to size, right before shipping out and measurement confirmation. Ship out 2-3 weeks before show

Recommend- Gentle hand wash with mild detergent & hang dry.

Keep bikini safe in a bikini case!

Do not Machine wash or dry clean! This will damage the bikini!

Would you like to create your own competition bikini? Check out Pro Bikini Designer page.

ALL Bikini's are Made to Order- NO Returns or Exchanges

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